believe in me

id walk to you if i had no other way.

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The Reason Why
believe in me
Well its been ages since ive penned down a decent entry for this trusty blog,
so what better time then now.
in the wee hours of morning where i'd generally be better off sleeping.
but i can't sleep so one understands the incredible conundrum here.
oh yeah.
thats a new one.
im in my room devoid of any extra light under than that off this keyboard,
my window's opened wide to let in any remnants of wind into this poorly ventilated room
Kula Shaker is blasting on my chapalang speakers.
oh wait that's the backlight from the laptop.
right. my bad.
now this is the time of day where i can bear living and being a singaporeannnn.
stupid laggy laptop. stop lagging.
its nice and quiet.
but im still wide awake.
this is actually pretty fun once you get the hang of it.
oh yeah anyway purpose.
the purpose of this entry (since entries with meaning are all the rage nowadays)
is to well ooh hello random moth!
oh yeah that kinda happens all the time in my room.
moths like to crash on my laptop,
they're cool like that.
And even though sleep has forsaken, i feel that life on a whole is improving.
Thanks to ramadhan.
Didnt see that coming did ya!
Take Care.


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