believe in me

id walk to you if i had no other way.

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believe in me
Ahh my dear journal,
One that I rarely update but can't seem to abandon altogether.
I guess there's a secret comfort I know that I can rely on when I finally feel like I have enough on my head to puke out through my fingers.
I did consider switching blogging mediums, specifically tumblr, but it depressed me immensely.
It wasn't so much about blogging as it was about posting faux-vintage effects picture with witty-one liners, or not so witty paragraphs of text.
Okay, come to think about it, the one-liners weren't that great either.
Glorified adult picture book. Learn to type dumbass.
Like this.
And this.
Andddddddddd this as well.
I guess I was supposed to update about life and how well I was doing,
but meh.
Its stable, stagnant, pretty much Meh.
Not that there's anything wrong with Meh.
I'd choose Meh over any other potential shitstorms i've been through previously.
And still life goes on.
I'm not getting my zombie apocalypse aren't I?
I guess it's good that I'm not getting that.
As much as I want it.
I've spent too many days doing nothing,
but I don't see myself doing anything more worthwhile.
Carpe Diem can kiss my ass.
Have a good one everyone.


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