believe in me

id walk to you if i had no other way.

Because I got High/Bored.
believe in me

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believe in me
After studying late till 4am,
i got back home only to find myself locked outside the house,
because somebody put up the latch up top.
2 calls, and no answer later,
i got angry and literally pushed so hard on the door, the latch broke off.
now tt is either an EPICWIN moment or FML moment.
tough choice.

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believe in me
4 years, and 8 semesters of this.
Oh god no, its really time to man up,
and do something that I REALLY seriously want to do with my life.
forcing yourself to do something you don't remotely enjoy for the sake of money, is not worth it all.
Big changes, big, big changes coming.
Who knows, maybe the degree-less actually do have a shot on this shithole island.
Oh wait. yeah.
Nahhh that's crazy talk.

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believe in me
Wake me when it's spring time in heaven;
tears are all wiped from my face.
Wake me when it's spring time in heaven;
and I'm strong enough to walk in that place.

Dustin Kensrue needs to get our of my head.

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believe in me
i have nightmares about university.
My eyes hurt.
good day.

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believe in me
Oh god i need to get the fuck out of this country.
But first, i need breakfast.
No, sleep.
No, Breakfast.
Sleepy Breakfast?
Tt wont work.

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believe in me
Coming back home,
my parents sat me down, and immediately;
the first thing tt came to mind was.
"ohh shit. what did do now?"
yeah i do lotsa things tts wrong in their eyes.
Anyway they showed me today's paper,
and asked me in an honest, forgiving tone,
whether i was one of those random teenagers
who gather on the bridge near the Singapore River to drink beer.
and i laughed my ass off till i cried.
i just couldnt take it,
It was too painfully hilarious.
There's just so many fails in that one situation its unimagineable.

Firstly, the underage kids that gather on that bridge to drink, are just Beyond Failure.
Its just so sad that they need to resort to this kind of bullshit to get attention.
Fine, if you guys honestly think its cool to drink,smoke,fuck below the legal age.
Then im pretty sure it's cool to not get pocket money, pay full adult price for transport, and not have teachers irritating the fuck out of your ass to go do some work.

Secondly, the local paper is EpicFail for publishing such a low-grade article.
Sure, there's not much to write about in boring ol singapore,
but publishing this as 'news' is an insult.
Besides, you're drawing unnecessary attention  to a problem that probably wasn't that big of a deal in the beginning.

Mom & Dad, minor fail on the whole incident.
Because im not underage, and i don't drink.
Your son hates crowds,malls,society, anything mainstream cool in general.
I promise you both i'll never do something that sad.

Society is going downhill and I'm coming along for the ride.
Dammit, Dustin Kensrue and Thrice had it right when they said
awesome song btw.

Kids, stop growing up so fast.
Otherwise you will continue to prove that ppl born during 1988 or earlier, are awesome and superior in every single way.
Awwww Yeeeah.

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believe in me
Man I love rainy days.
It's like the whole earth took a bath and it doesnt stink so bad.

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believe in me
The previous semester, i'd wake up, and i'd already be late for lectures.
This semester, i'd wake up, and i feel that i'm already screwed.

Why i love lifehacker
believe in me
While reading through a particular lifehacker article on piracy,
i found this reply.
its so full of win i cant describe how much win this is.

article can be found here


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